Gluten Free Foods, Main Meal

White Chili

White chili is becoming our new favorite kind of chili. And if tomatoes tend to give you stomach issues, white chili is a good substitute for traditional chili. Traditional white chili often calls for dairy, such as sour cream and heavy cream, but being that I’m dairy intolerant, I like to substitute these with plain coconut yogurt (I get this…

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Gluten Free Baked Goods, Paleo Food and Drink

Flourless Brownies

When our family thinks ‘chocolaty dessert’, we think… brownies! And in order to make them a treat we all can eat, we have to make sure they are flourless and dairy free but NOT delicious free! I stumbled upon these gooey delights from And ever since they’ve become a family favorite! Ingredients: 6 Tablespoons coconut oil or avocado oil 1…

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Gluten Free Foods, Main Meal, Paleo Food and Drink

Spicy Chicken Dinner

Dear Reader, This spicy chicken is one of our all-time favorites. It’s a weakly go-to. Its flavors were inspired by the Everglades Heat seasoning. But instead of replacing the seasoning after we ran out, I decided to try my hand at copying its taste. This way we saved on cost and avoided unnecessary seasoning fillers. So here we go… Serving Size: 2-4  |  Prep…

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Gluten Free Foods, Paleo Food and Drink

Stir-Fry Delish

Dear Reader, I’m super excited to share another family favorite! It’s fast, easy, low carb and totally healthy! It’s a beef, potato stir-fry. Serving Size: 6  |  Prep Time: 45 minutes Ingredients:  1 lb organic grass fed ground beef, ground turkey would also work. 2 handfuls organic baby carrots or chopped whole carrots. 2 handfuls washed, de-stemmed and chopped organic kale.…

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Smoothie – Pea Protein Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Dear Friend, I have a treat for you today! Are you craving something chocolaty and sweet without the high sugar and calories? Well this favorite smoothie of mine does the trick! Made with chocolate and banana you’ll never know it’s not good for you! Go ahead, try it! Why up your protein intake? Protein helps to regulate our blood sugar…

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Vitamins & Supplements

What Multi-Vitamin To Use?

Dear Friend, Some of you have been asking about the multi-vitamin that I take every day. A few months back I started taking Nature’s Plus Source of Life® GOLD Liquid Multi-Vitamin Supplement Tropical Fruit. I have two reasons why this multi-vitamin became my personal favorite. First, I have come to realize that my body needs a higher nutrient intake than your…

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Natural Skin Care: Why is it Important?

Dear Friend, Some of you have asked me to share with you what I use for my daily skin care regiment. So today I want to talk to you about that. I used to use Mary Kay, which were great products, but during my health journey I’ve slowly switched over to all natural and organic skin care products. Currently my…

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