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Spicy Chicken Dinner

Dear Reader,

This spicy chicken is one of our all-time favorites. It’s a weakly go-to. Its flavors were inspired by the Everglades Heat seasoning. But instead of replacing the seasoning after we ran out, I decided to try my hand at copying its taste. This way we saved on cost and avoided unnecessary seasoning fillers.

So here we go…

Serving Size: 2-4  |  Prep Time: 45 minutes

  • 2 organic chicken breasts, you can also use 4 chicken thighs
  • 3 tablespoons or one big heaping spoonful of organic coconut oil
  • Spices: salt, garlic powder, ground red pepper.
  • A veggie side of your choice (we like to do a salad, pease or green beans)


Get out a large skillet placing it on the stove at medium to high heat. Place your 3 tablespoons or heaping spoonful of coconut oil into the bottom of your pan. Let the oil melt until the whole bottom of the pan is covered. Place your two chicken breasts flat on the bottom of your pan. Sprinkle your salt, garlic powder and red pepper powder on the chicken. Reduce the heat to medium or medium-low and cover with a lid. Let simmer for about 3-5 minutes. Come back and flip the chicken over then repeating the seasoning step: sprinkling the salt, garlic and red pepper powder. Cover once again cooking another 3-5 minutes or until the chicken is totally cooked through. Remove from heat and enjoy with your favorite side(s). We enjoy it most with a salad, pease or green beans.

P.S. can you tell I love Trader Joe’s seasonings?? 🙂

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Wishing you the best!


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