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Mango, Apple Orange Delight


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Today I want to introduce to you a favorite juicing recipe. Juicing is a great way to get lots of nutrients as well as the food enzymes we need for healthy living. However, when juicing we do need to be careful to stick most closely to vegetables and keep the fruits to a limit. Juicing a lot of fruits means high sugar and without the fiber (the fiber is removed during the juicing process) our bodies are not able to process the sugar in the best way. The fiber is the God-given balance to the sugar content in fruit. But as a treat, it is okay to juice a tasty drink. This recipe is one of those treats :).


  • 1 Organic mango
  • I Organic apple
  • 2 Organic oranges
  • 1 Organic cucumber
  • 3 or 4 handfuls of organic spinach


Make sure you wash all your fruits and vegetables with a good veggie wash. Remove the skins of the mango and the mango’s core. Put the fruit part of the mango through your juicer. Cut your apple into quarters making sure to remove the apple’s seeds and then run your apple through your juicer. Peel your oranges and feed them into your juicer pulling them apart to the size appropriate for your juicer. Cut your cucumber into widgets and feed them through your juicer. And then finally, throw in your spinach. And there you have it, pour your fresh juice into your favorite glass and enjoy!

This is the juicer we ended up getting: Omega 8006 Nutrition System Juicer. It doesn’t heat up the juice during the juicing process therefore ensuring that all the enzymes stay in tact. This is important for optimal juicing benefits.


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