Thank you so much for visiting Refreshing Nutrition! It is my hope that we can help you find the best nutrition in the most flavorsome, reliable and cost productive way! Spending nearly 6.5 years now on the health journey ourselves, we have learned a few tricks and tips along the way. After several family members and friends frequently began inquiring about different products and recipes we have tried, I decided it was time to start compiling this information to share publicly in hopes that our journey will be of help not only to our small circle of friends and families, but also to many more.

Mary has been married for 7 wonderful years to her husband Caleb. Each year giving its own set of ups and downs, but one thing that has stayed constant has been God’s faithfulness to them. In the earlier years of their marriage, Mary found out she had several food allergies and began suffering from chronic illnesses, such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Over time she came to find out that she had a leaky gut. Due to Mary’s condition, Mary and her husband Caleb set out to find the best foods, supplements and drinks to help Mary’s body heal. Mary has been on a gluten free/dairy free diet for years now and keeps most closely to the paleo influenced diet. Caleb enjoys eating most foods that Mary eats. Together they enjoy the challenge of baking items that fit into those special diets while trying to make sure the textures and flavors are enjoyable even to those without special needs.