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White Chili

White chili is becoming our new favorite kind of chili. And if tomatoes tend to give you issues white chili is a good substitute for traditional chili. However traditional white chili often calls for dairy such as sour cream and heavy cream, but I like to substitute these with plain coconut yogurt (I get this from special grocery stores such…

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Gluten Free Foods, Main Meal, Paleo Food and Drink

Spicy Chicken Dinner

Dear Reader, This spicy chicken is one of our all-time favorites. It’s a weakly go-to. Its flavors were inspired by the Everglades Heat seasoning. But instead of replacing the seasoning after we ran out, I decided to try my hand at copying its taste. This way we saved on cost and avoided unnecessary seasoning fillers. So here we go… Serving Size: 2-4  |  Prep…

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