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Smoothie – Pea Protein Fruit Smoothie

Dear Friend, Today I want to share with you one of my favorite breakfast ‘foods’! It’s quick, easy and full of nutrition. And more importantly it’s natural, organic, dairy free and grain free.  You can use any kind of fruit in your smoothies, but bellow I’ll share with you my favorite version of this recipe.… Read More Smoothie – Pea Protein Fruit Smoothie


Natural Deodorant

Dear Friend, Today I want to talk to you about our favorite deodorant. Somewhere along the way we discovered all the bad things that are put into deodorants. The most popular known as aluminum and though this is enough to make me want to change my deodorant brand, there are many other additional reasons as well. 7… Read More Natural Deodorant

Vitamins & Supplements


Why probiotics? I’ve been on my own gut health journey for 6+ years. And when I started my health journey I was finding that the doctors I was seeing didn’t know what was wrong with me or how to help me. I quickly found that doing my own research was the only way I’d make… Read More Probiotics



Dear Friend, Kombucha is a fermented drink that helps with better digestion and detoxification. A few years back a friend told us about Kombucha and upon trying it we noticed almost right away that it helped with eliminating bloating and indigestion. We also noticed a curb in our appetite. We grew to love it so much… Read More Kombucha